Trusted to Thrive Paperback

How leaders create connected and accountable teams

Do you want to know how to enable your team to feel energised, inspired to solve complex problems and collaborate together?

Today’s workplace is constantly changing. Employees are increasingly feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or anxious about what will happen next. While leaders feel challenged to appropriate lead and manage people in this new world.

Every team leader wants an energetic team that sits in the achievement zone: innovating, being accountable, achieving goals and solving complex problems. It feels great – to both the leader and their direct reports.

But it’s not easy in an uncertain world.

Written by trust leadership expert, Marie-Claire Ross, this book unpacks how to create a supportive, healthy team culture, where you can put your team anywhere and under enormous pressure, and they will thrive. Adapting to uncontrollable situations, making fast decisions, continually improving and finding new market opportunities.

Learn to:

-foster a safe environment where people can take risks and speak up,

-create connection to help people succeed in their role, and

-pull people into a meaningful future that provides direction and the fuel to keep going.

TRUSTED TO THRIVE provides you with practical strategies to create the team environment that you, and your direct reports, crave.

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